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Photo Gallery
Photo of the Association 2013
Basic Suturing Certificate Course
Phlebotomy and Intravenous Access Certificate course
Medical Error: The Perspective of Professionals
Clinical and Communications Skills
From food safety surveillance to risk management and communications
2nd Asia Sculptra Expert Forum
家居生命援助訓練: 心肺復甦法
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Eight)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Seven)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Six)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Five)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Four)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Three)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series Two)
Roadshow 2013 – Health Talk (Series One)
Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 16) – Clinical Toxicology
Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 15) – Advancing Surgical Care through Innovations, Education and Leadership
Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 14) – Empowering Aesthetic Medical Practices with Innovative Techniques
Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 13) – Dermatology and Wound Care Management
Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 12) – New Horizons, Innovations and Challenges in Medical Education

Sino-Luso International Medical Forum (SL 11) – Histocompatibility, Immunogenetics and Personalised Medicine